Right Then, Here’s How You Can Benefit From My Forthcoming Forex System…

You wouldn’t think it – but the last 18 months or so has proved that Forex trading can be an emotional business.

I’ve seen thriving accounts (and the confidence of the person using it) dented beyond repair by somebody getting bored, greedy or simply thinking they know better,  and placing a trade that ‘almost’ matched the criteria … then goes wrong.

I‘ve also seen people close trades early for a £20 instead of a £50 profit because they second guessed the system and got jittery, and when an inevitable loss occurs (as it does with forex trading) simple arithmetic dictates that their overall profit wasn’t much to write home about.

So, you’ll agree then, that as good as any trading system is – any good results can be blown out of the water completely by the brain behind the finger clicking the mouse having some sort of ‘moment’ and doing something very off-plan.

You could argue that one easy solution would be to take the user out of the system completely and just let the computer do the trading automatically.

If that was the case, you would of course argue much more loudly that If you’re going to do that – those automatic systems trading your money without being there (or ‘trading bots’ as they are known) had better be really, really good … and tested … and tested … and tested again.

That’s exactly what we’re doing. For the last year or so Lee-Stuart Evans has been testing a legion of these trading bots, including, we have to say, everything that was already commercially available … and found them wanting.

So we created some of our own, and ended up discarding over 90% of those – then tweaking and refining those that remained until we have something we are happy with.

The testing though, is far from over…

The fact is we still have months of testing to go … Don’t get me wrong – what we have already is very profitable. Even with the previously mentioned 90% of now discarded ‘useless’ bots taking huge chunks out of our profits … we still managed to be 34% up, and that’s in just under a year since we started making the results public.

I’m sure you’re curious to know what the returns have been like without the ones we scrapped ‘dragging’ the results down  … well, that’s what we’re going to be monitoring and publishing over the coming months, because we want the finished article to have a cast iron track record before we make it available.

So why am I telling you all this now ?

Well, over the coming months I’ve asked Lee to provide updates to how things are going, for everybody to read … and you’ll be able to see them yourself by clicking through from a banner, just like the one at the end of this post.

It will take you through to my ‘Waverley Financial’ site where you’ll be able to read the ‘full’ version of Lee’s update as well as how you can be at the front of queue to benefit from this when it goes ‘live’ … click on the banner below and take a look now…

Until Next Time,

Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
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Tim Lowe