Why saying something is ‘not your thing’ is just one big mistake…

Why saying something is ‘not your thing’ is just one big mistake…

As we all know, the only constant in life is change and that things we are comfortable and familiar with seem to change on an almost daily basis.

This is especially true on the internet where we can’t seem to go five minutes without some amazing new development complimenting (or often complicating) our lives in some way. It’s not just new developments either – it seems not a day goes by without something we use online being improved and enhanced in some way to make it better.

However, as we know – that is not always the case.

For instance, I know we’ve all gone to use a favourite website and found it’s been ‘improved’ to the point where we no longer know our way around it, or that it simply doesn’t work in a way we can ‘get on’ with – so we abandon it, vowing to never, ever, use it again.

The same principle applies in the ‘real world’ when, for example, your local pub or restaurant is refitted and you think it has now lost all of the atmosphere and charm it once had – and you simply don’t want to go there anymore.

Of course this ‘new look’ would appeal to different people who would now go there instead of you … and you probably wouldn’t stop going out altogether, you’d just find a different pub or restaurant that you may not have tried before.

You’ll agree this is perfectly normal and it happens all of the time – so why wouldn’t you do the same thing in the online world?

If you accept that things we once liked online can easily evolve into something we dislike – then it stands to reason that it is perfectly possible for something we once dismissed out of hand to have evolved and improved to the point that they are now a perfect fit for us.

Yet, I get emails all of the time from people asking me about how to make a bit more (or more usually a lot more) money  using the internet – and when I make suggestions to them, I often get replies telling me they looked at whatever it was I suggested  2, 5 or even 10 years ago and itwasn’t ‘their thing’.

The point here is this … with the speed the internet changes, if you looked at it that long ago – how on earth do you know it’s still not ‘your thing’ ? Could the factor that was originally the ‘deal breaker’,  – the single thing that made you originally say ‘no’  – have been taken out of the equation entirely by some technological breakthrough or another ?

The simple answer is that you don’t know – and you won’t know until you take another look with a fresh pair of eyes.

So, next time you look at possible options for making some extra cash – don’t dismiss something  out of hand  – take a good long look and you may find that, far from being ‘not your thing’ it may have actually evolved into exactly what you are looking for.

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe