Set Your Website Up For Less Than £25 … No Techie Stuff or ‘Faffing Around’ Required…

Faffing around … like it or not, it’s what most of us in the online industry seem to spend a lot of time doing. We didn’t plan it that way, after all computers and the internet do, on the whole, make things considerably easier, but I find it also means we can often write off an entire day bumping into one little online niggle after another…

Of course the ‘approved’ way to get round this was to get somebody else to do those bits for you … but as good an investment as this can be, I realise that the cost (or at least the perceived cost) of getting a website off the ground can be very off-putting.

Put that thought to one side for a moment, and allow me to point you in the direction of (or in some cases remind you about) a resource that for many could become the new ‘approved’ method … though let me warn in advance that the resource in question works in dollars so you’ll have to convert that to ‘real money’ in your head… has been around for a while and like one or two other sites before it that went on to much bigger things (most notably eBay) it has taken a while to be ‘trusted’ and taken seriously. Even if your own encounters with the site in the early days were, like mine, less than favourable I think you’ll find that given a second chance you’ll be able to find much there that you would quite happily pay a whole $5 to have done for you.

It must be said however, that even now on arriving at the homepage you are confronted with offers from people willing to do things like write the name of your website on their stomach in lipstick or belch the theme to your favourite TV programme for $5 … but dig deeper than the halfwits and imbeciles and you’ll find it a very useful and under rated resource.

At HQ, we mainly use it for are those niggley little jobs that we would otherwise be waiting (or paying considerably more) for like the design of an eBook cover, or some simple website tweaks that our resident techie does not currently have time to do … but if we wanted we could get so many more things done – and so could you…

I’ve just spent less than 5 minutes on the site and in that time I have found people who would install WordPress on my hosting and add essential and useful plugins ($5) design a professional header or logo ($5) Install a plug-in with a ‘fill in the blanks’ squeeze page ($5) and somebody who will set up my Aweber auto responder for me ($5) … so once I’d bought my domain ($9.95ish) and hosting ($7.96/month from somewhere like Hostgator or GoDaddy) and joined Aweber ($1 for the first month) I could get all the niggley techie bits done for a whole $20!

This means I could have a working website, ready to receive traffic and take names without any ‘faffing around’ or doing anything techie, for a grand total of less than $40 (that’s £25) in just a couple of days … and I could even use some of the gaps in between assigning these chaps their little jobs for maybe writing some bits to put on the site and a couple of follow-up emails for the people who will join my list.

But then of course you could even get someone to write that for you as well for … you guessed it $5! … so if you thought getting going was a bit beyond your reach, either technically or financially, the only question now is – what are you waiting for ?

All The Best,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe