This Shocking Fact Surprised Even Me…

It has to be said, most things do not surprise me. Least surprising of all is that when I travel abroad, ‘things’ tend to happen…

For instance, nearly getting in a massive amount of bother for apparently secreting a ‘deadly weapon’ in my luggage (actually, that one takes a lot of explaining so I’ll have cover that next time) now seems to be merely par for the course, as did finding yet another grumpy French Taxi driver…

I had intention of going over to Monaco, so toyed with the idea of instead of just getting a Taxi straight there, getting the cab to Nice airport (which was a little bit closer) and hiring a car for the day and having all the extra flexibility that came with it.

I did not enjoy my conversation with the Taxi driver at the front of the rank. The quote to Nice airport seemed quite excessive for the 6 or 7 miles involved and when I asked why the Taxi driver spent the next five minutes doing what my Head Minion would describe as ‘going off on one’.

His subject matter was, for the most part as unintelligible as it was venomous – the only word I could make out was ‘Anglias’ and it was supported by some interesting hand gestures … luckily, a second taxi driver explained more reasonably that the trip to Nice airport involved fighting through some appalling traffic jams so was therefore more expensive. 

Armed with this information, I decided that going straight to Monaco was the better path. But there was no way I was getting in the cab with the first snarling halfwit, and told him so in a way that absolutely no hand gestures were required at all.

Because there was some ridiculous rule that the front cab had to taken first, I had to wait while the first driver was taken for a walk to calm down and smoke half a packet of cigarettes, and he then left shortly after with some poor unfortunates in his cab who had not witnessed his outburst … leaving me free to take the second cab…

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what did surprise me, and how it is all connected to mad French taxi drivers…

Well, it wasn’t that well over a quarter of my website traffic doesn’t come from traditional sources like laptops or desktops, or the fact that for most other businesses, it’s much, much higher (closer to half in fact). What actually did surprise me was the fact that nearly all of those businesses have done absolutely nothing about it.

Think about it. These businesses have done nothing about the fact that nearly half of the people who go to their website, ultimately with the intention of spending money on a product or service – are looking at the business website on their iPad or more usually their phone and because the website was built to look good on a normal computer … having their screen filled with half a logo – or worse.


What do these people do when confronted with half a logo or text so small they can’t read it? Of course they go elsewhere. People are so used to getting the information they want almost immediately, that if website A doesn’t have a readable answer, they’ll just move onto website B instead.

The message here, of course, is even if something is the ‘first cab in the rank’ by being #1 on Google or anywhere else for that matter, if it is even slightly hard for people to get what they want, they will simply do what I did – which was to leave the unintelligible nonsense behind them and take the next option.

Again, I’m sure you will have your own thoughts on this subject, so please feel free to hit the ‘reply’ button and tell me what you think…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe

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