How Simple Changes Can Bring Huge Results…

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Now, I’ve always been very self-motivated, and never really had too many problems on the get up and go front – certainly where my business is concerned anyway.

However, I am aware this is not the same for everybody, especially those ‘one man band’ type businesses like mine was at the start … it can be easy to feel detached and occasionally meander around a bit when left to your own devices, or get stuck in a bit of a rut and get fixated with something small and only partially significant, when much bigger things are going awry…

Of course, when it comes to overcoming this hurdle, you already know what doesn’t work – endless to do lists, buying products to help with your time management (and end up not having time to open them) – I’m sure I don’t need to go on … but there are some simple things you can do to keep it ‘fresh’ that can have quite big ‘knock on’ results

For instance, simple changes to your your routine – strict timetables are great for self discipline, but if you keep them the same it’s easy to get too comfortable … try answering your emails at a different time of day, or trying to ‘hit’ that long term problem first thing in the morning rather than in the slightly drowsy hour just after lunch when you never seem to get too much done.

Try getting out and about – I’m not necessarily taking about spending the day in Starbucks, but I always used to feel better for a stroll at lunchtime, even if it was just to the post office and back (which was less than half a mile from my old home office).

The break, the fresh air and the change of scenery got the grey matter working again, and I always found I was more productive in the afternoons when I’d taken a break than when I believed myself ‘too busy’ and tried to work through.

Finally, talk to other people … if you don’t have anyone to hand you can use as a sounding board or fresh pair of eyes, you could try and connect with others on forums or communities or Facebook groups dedicated to your particular niche or field of expertise.

A quick word or warning here though, choose your contacts carefully – forums and communities can often be full of (and I’ll put this as politely as I can) whingers who are just looking for other people to whinge at about how difficult or ‘unfair’ it all is for them. So, when identifying others to connect with, it is vital you find other who share your mindset as well as your particular niche.

Interaction like this is important because I’ve found that things always improve and grow when you talk about them with others.

This year at HQ we’ve all been standing during our Monday meeting while we talk through what is happening in the coming week – we are achieving much more, because of the closer proximity to each other (no table in the way) and the extra sense of urgency that comes from just standing up.

I know that this is certainly not a new idea, and definitely not to be confused with the awful ‘huddle’ US style meeting favoured by some, but the act of changing something we did regularly has freshened the whole thing up and as a result we are getting a better results, and more of them

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe