So, Where Will Your Traffic Come From…?

Things are very busy here at HQ … the sound of many odd shaped fingers tapping away at keyboards and clicking mouse buttons is broken only by the yelp of various ‘minions’ as they are prodded with the pointy stick and given extra jobs to do…

You see, as well as all the other things we currently have on the go … I am also working on an updated, more comprehensive version of my ‘Listbuilder’ manual…

Don’t worry, the current version you have is still completely useful … it’s just that the world has turned a bit since it was written, so a couple of bits will have changed, and I’ve decided  that there is so much more we can squeeze in to make it the most complete guide you can get … certainly for free.

One of the things I’ve tasked my minions with, is to put together a toolbox of completely free (or at least of a free version) of some tools you should find indispensible in your online endeavours, even if you’ve been online a while.

The updated version will be available in about a month’s time, rolled out to existing Lowedown readers first of course, but in the meantime I wanted to alert you to a much overlooked little program that will make up part of that toolbox, but I would strongly recommend, (especially as Google changed the way they do things AGAIN this week) that you might want to start using it right away…

Traffic Travis ( has been around quite a while, But I don’t remember being especially impressed  by what it had to offer, but since then it has upgraded to a fourth version and definitely seems like it’s got its act together.

Equally useful for those with websites and those without, Traffic Travis can tell you, for instance, where your site sits in the search engine rankings for any given keyword, who your rivals are for that coveted number one spot, and analyses how you can beat them.

If you haven’t got to the website stage yet,  you can use the information Traffic Travis gives you about the competition for any given keyword to augment the information you get from Google (using their keyword tool) when making a decision on niche and keyword selection.

But I’m really just giving you the highlights …Traffic Travis can do considerably more than just this, and each function comes with its own training video so you can make the most of it.

Remember, this is free to use – (there is a paid version ,  but unless you have a host of websites and are just looking for that extra 1% to get them to the top of the rankings – you really shouldn’t need it) you just go to the Traffic Travis website ( register to get an activation code and download the program.

Of course there will be many more tools just like Traffic Travis unveiled in the new version of the Listbuilder manual, which, as I mentioned should be ready on a few weeks, provided of course I can get it finished in time … now where did that pointy stick go …? 😉

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe