Sore Paws, and Pause For Thought…

Well, the results are in and it’s not quite as expected … the number one suspect for my ‘Sore Paw’  – (which was Gout), is now out of the running and instead  it looks to be something entirely more trivial, though all of the great medical minds that have prodded me over the last week are yet to decide exactly HOW trivial…

So, whilst I’m not making light of people who do suffer with Gout (let me be very clear on that point), at least it seems like a proper ‘gentleman’s’ affliction, and not at all like the new front runner, which is suspected to be … wait for it … a splinter.

A deep and very painful splinter, yes, but nonetheless a splinter. So, while I await the scan which will reveal all, the ‘General Quack’ has given me some tablets to reduce the swelling in my paw, so it doesn’t resemble one of those giant hands readers may remember Kenny Everett sporting as ‘Brother Lee Love’

The mention of splinters in paws will for many bring to mind the ancient tale of Androcles and the Lion, you know, the chap lost in the desert, who, contrary to what we’d expect, pulls the splinter from the injured lions paw, only to be spared by the same lion, much later on, when he finds himself cast into the arena.

The tale is a simple one, making a direct link between a single act of kindness which resulted in a life saving event … and despite the statistical unlikelihood of anything like this ever actually happening, we can all easily translate the message into ‘reap what you sow’’ what goes around comes around’ or ‘Karma’

Now, I’m not a big one for talking about things like Karma … but it is not unreasonable to suggest that if you are fair and honest in the way you go about things, that in the majority of cases, you will be treated honestly and fairly yourself … and if you are repeatedly dishonest and underhand, word will get around and nobody will do business with you.

To put it more bluntly, it’s always easier to go for the short term gain – the equivalent of Androcles running away, or doing the lion a mischief with a nearby rock – and to make a ‘quick buck’ by making dubious promises to customers and offering them things based on how much money it makes for you, and not how useful it is to them …

It is much harder to build relationships and provide useful, honest advice … not jump on board every ‘launch’ or fad product that comes along.

This will define, as your business grows, whether you are someone who will, in general, be supported and have your efforts applauded … or be someone who others will want to see ‘eaten for breakfast’.

Until Next Time,


Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe