Why The Success Of Your Business Might Depend On The Quality Of Your Lasagne…

It was almost four years ago now that I created, after much experimentation and effort, a particularly fine Lasagne. In fact, I was really pleased that nearly everybody who has tried it – both that first time and on the occasions I have made it since –  told me it was, if not the best … almost the best Lasagne they had ever tasted.

A good part of the reason for its success was down to the little touches that were added to it to give it that bit extra … but as a result the process was a little more involved than usual, so I kept some crib notes to remind me of those tiny tweaks that made all the difference.

Alas, as part of a recent moving around of all things kitchen related, ‘She who must…’ had one of her ‘clearouts’ … and the cookbook, which had my notes kept safe and sound between the pages …. got sent unwittingly on its way to a charity shop.

By the time we had realised what had happened it was long gone, leading to much wailing and gnashing of teeth and I set about trying to re-create it all from memory … a process which, I must add, is still ongoing…

Now, everybody has a pretty good idea how to make a basic Lasagne – you can even buy plenty which are ready made, straight off the shelf – but adding to it through extra effort and experimentation gives you something that is unique, memorable and hopefully praiseworthy.

We all know it’s easier to just make a basic Lasagne – but the important fact is nobody really wants just ‘basic’. They might, through budgetary or time restraints settle for basic – but what we all really want is the one that’s got everything in it.

Of course I’m making a comparison with an online business here … but one that goes a bit deeper than just ‘make sure you offer that bit extra’.

You see, whilst it takes a lot of experimentation and effort to create that first success, we should never assume that everything after that will be easy, and fall into place automatically. Re-creating that success can be just as difficult in its own way, not allowing complacency to slip in, not thinking ‘will it really matter if I don’t do this bit’…

Let me finish by saying that every little thing you did to add to the quality and value of what you have to offer matters, so make sure it all goes in – make sure you’re never, ever, just offering ‘basic’ – and make sure you have the capability of re-creating this every single time.

Oh – and when you do – remember to make sure you keep any notes you happen to be using safe… 😉

Until Next Time,

Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe