The Easy Way to Build A Great Looking Website … Fast

Over the last few months, you may have heard me refer to my-in-house chaps as my ‘Minions’ … I can assure you that it is all done with my tongue very firmly in my cheek, and it is a running joke that is happily embraced by everyone here at HQ. I’m actually proud to say that every one of them is excellent at what they do … as well as being, (just so they fit in with the rest of us) … ever so slightly odd… 😉

Well, shortly after Christmas, I came up with the plan that as well as helping me, it would be really quite useful if my ‘Minions’ could help you with your online endeavours as well…

To get the ball rolling, what they have put together is a ‘Tim’s Minions’ Facebook page (with a plan to add a full-blown website when the need arises) full of little tricks and tips from the ‘sharp end’ about things like keyword research, making simple sites and other useful stuff from chaps that are actually doing it, every single day…

The first thing they’ve done for you on this Facebook page is put together a step by step video tutorial on how to create a quick and easy website … and, as neither of them came up to the office, cap in hand for some funds … I’m almost certain it cost them nothing to set up either.

However, if you already know how to do that, but might be having problems with other aspects of your online endeavours, you can still go along to the page and post any questions you may have instead, which will be answered by one of the chaps, so others can see and benefit from it as well.

Please be aware though, that this is meant to be a simple Q&A service and most definitely not a forum so I have instructed them to take an especially dim view with rants, rhetoric and spamming, all of which will be deleted immediately…

You can visit the FB page now, and watch the video tutorial by clicking the link below … though I believe you need to ‘like’ the page before you can watch the video or post a quick question for my ‘minions’ to answer …

Visit the ‘Tim’s Minions’ Facebook Page Now

Please be gentle with them … as this is the first time I’ve mentioned this in the Lowedown, they are bound to have quite a few visitors over the next day or so, which means it may take a while for them to answer all your questions … but if that is the case, I’m sure you’ll find the information they give you worth the wait…;-)

All The Best,
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe