The Logical Answer To All Of Those Annoying Little Problems (And a Couple Of The Big Ones Too)

As part of my new (mostly) healthy Stoutness Reduction Programme I have, in addition to my sessions with my personal trainer – a splendid chap who, after putting me through my paces allows me to punch him repeatedly (don’t worry he’s all padded up and it’s all part of the workout) 😉 I have, at the recommendation of my office manager, booked myself a series of Pilates sessions…

Luckily, (or unluckily) my first lesson did not place me in a room full of lycra-clad ‘Yummy Mummys’ trying to fold themselves in half but instead was a one-on-one with my instructor who had me lie on the ground and think about movements I was about to perform (exactly my kind of exercise)

The reason for this, I was told, was that my turbulent back is not being helped by using some of the wrong muscles for just everyday moving about (and even just standing still) – apparently we all do it to some extent and it’s just that my slightly fuller figure has exacerbated the situation … and I was lying there focussing on, and then exercising to strengthen, the muscles I really should be using … which ought to help the problem.

This was all explained for the rather logical reason that by telling me how the problem occurred, it would also explain why the solution that was proposed was going to work. Now I really like that kind of logic … but it doesn’t seem to apply everywhere…

When things aren’t working out online, but you don’t know what the problem is, you can spend a lot of time (and money) you haven’t got trying find the root cause or end up spending a fortune on a solution that may not be right for your site, or just wasn’t designed to solve the exact problem you’ve got.

This is why I should remind you that, as Lowedown readers you have access to my own in-house team (who as you probably know have, in true tongue in cheek style, christened themselves ‘Tim’s Minions’) who can look at your site and let you know what the problem is, and also provide a helpful solution or two.

If you could have a list of your keywords to hand and some traffic figures from your hosting, Google analytics (or whatever plug-in you are using on your blog) that will probably speed up the process … and you can get hold of them, not by emailing me  – but direct at their own website: or by email at email here

Also, if you did want to start your own cash generating website, but did not have the first clue where to begin … please feel free to pick their brains on how to get the ball rolling. Remember, this is a free service for Lowedown readers (and you could probably do worse than signing up for the Minions free newsletter as well) so the advice won’t cost you a penny…

All The Best,
Tim Lowe
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Tim Lowe