The More ‘Evolved’ Approach To Making Money Online…

 photo TimHead-1_zpseed67078.pngIt is certainly true that the only constant in life is change, and, if you have been part of the internet community for more than five minutes, you’ll know that things online can change very regularly indeed. The good news though, is that when it comes to making money online the large majority of the change is not, as we are told, revolutionary, but is, in fact, purely evolutionary…

It is often the case that, when a certain trend within our industry has had its time in the spotlight, you will be told that ‘nobody’ is doing that anymore and it’s time to jump on the next bandwagon … from eBooks to eBay, from building ‘Google Sniper’ niche sites to ‘Google Friendly’ blogging, or trying to keep up with the latest social media craze from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest … and all the while hopping between Sports, Forex and Share trading.

But if you’re looking to do more than just aimlessly rush off to where you are told the next pot of ‘easy’ money happens to be, you can see that the changes to established online ‘money makers’ are not as drastic as you might be led to believe…

Take eBay for instance … it is, of course, correct that the days of selling a slice of toast for several hundreds of pounds are long gone, but, far from ‘nobody doing it anymore’ there are many people with thriving businesses on eBay, and more are starting up every day. It is simply the case now that many eBay sellers will have evolved their business to include a complimentary Amazon store which is in turn linked to their own ‘branded’ ecommerce site, whilst leveraging social media for extra traffic and to build their customer relationships.

In other areas, owners of ‘jack of all trades’ sites that may have covered, for example, everything to do with tropical fish, are instead still holding their own against the ‘big boys’ that can spend thousands on SEO and advertising by evolving their business to become more ‘niche’.

By using a combination of both long tail keywords and highly targeted Google Adwords campaigns they get their potential customers to their ‘micro niche’ sites that are tightly focused on just one aspect such as, in the case of the tropical fish website above, specializing in those little plastic castles people buy to keep the fish amused.

Naturally they’d need several of these micro sites to turn a decent profit, but again, that is possible quite cheaply due to the evolution of WordPress and the continued development of themes and plugins that mean even the most complicated of sites can be put together by almost anyone.

The most obvious form of evolution though has been in the world of what most of us would call blogging. Blogging has long been viewed as the preserve of the ‘hobbyist’ and not really associated with making money online (quite the reverse in fact) … but what many ‘bloggers’ who have continued to add useful and informative articles on their respective subjects have done is created massive ‘authority sites’ that Google loves and now dominate the search results.

The traffic generated by this is making the owners of these blogs, either through active promotion, or just from advertising revenue alone, many thousands of pounds every month.

The story here then, is that online fortunes are not always made by people who are in the ‘right place at the right time’, or those who jump from one ‘next big thing’ to another, but in fact by people who stick to the plan, and have learned to adapt, and above all evolve with the ever-changing environment of the internet.

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Tim Lowe
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Tim Lowe