The World According To Neville…

During a lunchtime ‘Stoutness Reduction’ stroll around the grounds of the Abbey ruin adjacent to HQ, I had the type of encounter that will came as no surprise to long time Lowedown readers who recall my uncanny knack of being able to attract the only ‘nutter’ for miles around…

I just happened to stop for a moment, and up popped this chap who, after we exchanged some initial pleasantries, I managed to establish was called Neville …  and as the conversation proceeded, I couldn’t help but challenge him on the rather conspicuous nature of his ‘roll-up’

Luckily, the aforementioned ‘roll-up’ turned to be of inexpert rather than illegal construction, but I’d obviously touched some kind of nerve, as during the next five minutes I was treated to ‘the World according to Neville’…

He informed me (and this is just the highlights) that smoking wasn’t bad for you at all, tar and nicotine only stayed in the body for three weeks and that all the ‘bad press’ attached to smoking was something merely made up by the government to keep us all subjugated … and by smoking he was actually standing up for his rights and rebelling.

Now of course this is utter rubbish and I wouldn’t normally give space to such utterances except it occurred to me on the way back to the office … what if Neville had got it in his head to go and build a website to spread his word to others … surely nobody would give it the time of day – would they ?

Well … the ‘Anti Alien Abduction Helmet’ site we discovered last year is proof that any idea, as far-fetched as it may seem, will at some point across the massive reach of the internet encounter others on the same wavelength who will back up their theories…

You see, it has always amazed me that whereas what you, I and all the other people in our industry say on the internet is constantly under the strictest scrutiny from those in authority … it seems it can often be completely fine to build a website spouting any load of nonsense you like.

The level of anonymity that it is possible to achieve on the internet, coupled with the fact that many people seem to put the normal level of common sense they exercise in normal life to one side when searching on the internet … means that the amount of ‘total bobbins’ that gets viewed is utterly breathtaking.

It is for this reason that a disproportionate amount of credibility is given to some of the ‘Nevilles’ of this world on the basis that ‘they wouldn’t have gone to the effort of putting it on a website if it wasn’t true’ … when instead what we could (or maybe should) be asking is this …  is the internet, with the anonymity it offers – the only place they dare say it…?

All The Best,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe