There’s Nothing Revolutionary About Saying The Right Thing…

The other day I came across something that rather caught my eye… amongst all of the ‘happenings’ at a local venue, was an appearance by the rather magnificently named ‘Revolutionary Drawing Room’.

‘Revolutionary Drawing Room’ are actually a string quartet, and I m sure a truly excellent one … but I what I found fascinating on this occasion was just their name…

You’ll agree, the very phrase ‘drawing room’ immediately brings to mind the more well to do classes and just reeks of establishment, the whiff of cigar smoke and rather good Port… but the addition of revolutionary instead gives the phrase a slightly unruly, unkempt and probably untrustworthy quality.

I was left overall with the idea that a ‘Revolutionary Drawing Room’ would be a place that perfectly sane, well adjusted folks would enter, but would leave instead with ‘views’ on the natural order of things and start doing things of a turbulent nature like asking for a pay rise or leaving the heating on all night.

Yes, that last sentence was very tongue in cheek but the comic exaggeration will hopefully underline just how much just one word can change the whole feel of what is being read – and it’s that I wanted to talk about today.

You see, when visitors come to your site, open your emails or read a printed piece you’ve sent them, the very first thing they read is all important… so choose those words very carefully.

For a start, you need to say something that confirms they are in right place (if it’s your website) and will make them want to read the rest of what you have to say.

My copywriter (well, this is what he tells ME, anyway) takes almost as long with the first few paragraphs of any work he does for me as he does the rest of it put together because he knows if the reader’s attention hasn’t been grabbed at the start… the rest won’t get read anyway.

So, if you’re not a professional copywriter or don’t have years of experience under your belt – how do you know when you’ve written the right or the wrong thing? Well, you quite simply look at the results…

You could send half of your readers to one written piece, and the rest to another, and see which gets the best results … then by changing small pieces and testing the results again (and again) you’ll see what works and what doesn’t…

Of course, you should always be tweaking what you do, building on the good results and learning from the rest … and remembering that if things aren’t going that well, just changing one word can make all the diiference…

Until Next Time,
Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe