Things are no different – online, offline or even ‘North of the Wall’

I have been spending quite a lot of time recently ‘fine tuning’ one of my other business interests in Scotland. Of course this has brought about plenty of comment from those back at HQ (all ‘Game of Thrones’ viewers or readers) about me going ‘North of the Wall’.

I would like to point out that I haven’t seen any real ‘White Walkers’ during my frequent visits (though there are some very pale types up there) and I’ve always found Scotland to be very hospitable and nothing like the rather grim, dour place you may see it portrayed elsewhere.

While this other business interest is, at first glance, far removed from my online endeavours, it is still a business – so a great many of the same principles still apply.  A good idea still works a lot better than a bad one, and the simple maxim of ‘if your outgoings exceed you income – your upkeep will be your downfall’ is certainly still correct.

This is a problem that many who take their first steps online, encounter quite frequently. They believe that because something ‘is on the internet’ the same basic common sense rules of doing something in what we’ll call ‘the real world’ do not apply … but they do.

The internet is a ‘great leveller ‘in that anyone with a laptop can effectively duplicate the same kind of thing you would have needed a huge shop and several employees (and all of the overheads and expenses that go with it) to achieve 20 years ago … but it doesn’t mean something that is poorly put together and badly presented is going to work.

You can run a ‘system’ from a laptop almost anywhere in the world (or more likely from your sofa while sat in your underpants) but if you insist on not bothering to read the instructions, blundering in without any due care or attention and generally don’t think the rules apply to you – chances are you will come well and truly unstuck.

Many have, and still do, achieve things they couldn’t have possibly done before the internet magnified their ideas and their effort into a life changing income … but the key word there is magnify. The internet is not a magic tool that will make a bad idea into a good one, or a poor product or service into a good one.

So in conclusion, it doesn’t matter what you do to generate extra income, you need to apply the same level of common sense to your decision making as you would to your normal dealings in everyday life – and that’s true whether it be online, offline or North of the Wall…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe