Three simple steps that will help you plan your success in 2019…

Well, Christmas Day and Boxing day are now behind us and we are now in the few days leading up to the New Year.

For those of us lucky enough not to have to work, these few days are often spent wandering around various ‘sales’, wondering which day is actually is (although every day does feel a lot like a Sunday) and in some cases counting off the moments until the in-laws go home and you get your house back.

In fact, I’m quite sure some of you will be sat reading this while you’ve escaped upstairs for a bit of peace and quiet after spending the morning being ‘enthralled’ with tales about Aunt Petunia’s lumbago, or battling your way around Sainsbury’s buying up next year’s wrapping paper and gift tags for 20 pence a time…

So, while you’re here – we should talk about the ‘P’ word… Planning.

You’ll agree, knowing what you want to achieve next year – and having some idea about how to do it, is probably a good place to start. If you’re not one for detailed business plans and prefer just to keep things simple, here are three steps that will set you on the right path…

The first of these is to know how much time you have spare to dedicate to your big new business venture or smaller ‘side hustle’.

It doesn’t matter if whatever you choose to get involved with takes just a couple of minutes – if your day is already crammed full of things to do and you have ‘no time’ to do anything extra … then obviously you are going to struggle. So, start thinking now about how you can build some real ‘money making’ time into your usual routine.

Next on the list, as you might expect, is money.

Even if the system you choose to get involved with doesn’t cost you a penny to join, it would be foolish not to take into account start-up costs or work out how much you have available to set aside as an initial trading bank. Many a great idea has fallen flat due to bad cashflow planning … so be clear about how much you have to invest in your project.

To round things off, you need to make sure you’re among the very first to discover the best possible way to get to where you want to be. You’re already a Lowedown reader, which is a great start – but there is one more step you can take to put yourself at the front of the queue.

As you will have no doubt noticed, the very best money making offers are on password protected, private web pages. To receive notifications and passwords for these brand new offers automatically by post –  and in doing so, get a head start on everybody else – click here now.

If you don’t normally get letters from me, or if you think I might have an old address – spending a minute or two completing this simple form really could make all the difference between success in 2019 … and things staying just as they are.

I’ll be in contact again next week … but for now, I would like close by wishing you a Very Happy New Year…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down 

Tim Lowe