Welcome to the Tim Lowe Blog…

Hi, Tim here!

Welcome to the  Tim Lowe Blog … as the name suggests you’ve arrived at the exactly the right place for insights in to my world, my ramblings, latest offers, thoughts, advice … in fact anything that springs to mind when I sit down to write!

Over the last decade or so I went from being a typical corporate guy with a ‘job’ to a multi-millionaire, all from harnessing the power of internet marketing…

People have been trying to convince me to write a blog for years, but I’ve put the idea on hold … until now! I’ve decided to bite the bullet, and here it is… hope you enjoy it 😉

All the best,

Tim Lowe

P.S. If you’ve got any questions, you can of course email me at timlowe@markiteer.com

Tim Lowe


  1. Hi Tim,
    First of all it was an absolute pleasure to meet you all ! Linda & I had a great time and enjoyed the company so much.
    I checked and unfortunately I was not tuned in to your blog. The strange thing is I am on Vic Johnson, Evan Page, Jeff Johnston, etc emailing lists but they all seem to be “non brits”. The strange thing is it has always put me off slightly from actually subscribing. Although I did buy some Brendan Burchard products a couple of years ago.
    Anyways, I have to say I enjoyed your latest blog and also some of the past ones too. Will keep reading on until I’ve gotten through them all – promise 🙂
    I’d also like to add Tim that even at the ripe young age of 50 I’m still learning and almost starting my career from scratch again, so it was awesome to meet a successful british internet marketer.
    I hope it’s not too long before we all meet again, and I look forward to reading the “cont’d” blog on La France !
    Best Wishes to all

  2. I look forward to some invaluable insights, and potential associations. Noted last message from ‘Tony’ in February, referred to ‘La France’ blog, & that he was learning new things at 50. Well, I know how he feels … & as an entrepreneur, you NEVER lose that thirst for knowledge. Whoever said ‘ignorance is bliss’ obviously lived on another planet! Incidentally, I’m half French (hence the interest in ‘La France’), & still a spring chicken at 67, and just starting a new business from scratch! I’ve never had so much fun as now!!

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