Time to Reflect, Assess & React

Quite short and sweet today, because as much as I know the vast majority of you enjoyed the recounting of my experiences in the South of France (and that was just the bits I could tell you) the fact remains that its now March, and over 1/6th of this year is behind us … already.

So, for some of you reading this, that news might be a painful reminder that all those big plans you were saving until ‘after Christmas’ are still sat there untouched and gathering dust and that ‘getting a  move on’ might be the next thing on your ‘to do’ list…

But for others who have taken action this year, it’s already the ideal time to reflect on what you’ve done so far this year … what worked well, what went not so well – and things you won’t be trying again…

‘Why so soon?’ You might ask – well for a start it’s not that soon, it’s March – and regular ‘stock takes’ of where you are and what you’ve done allow you to make frequent small manoeuvres instead of massive sweeping changes … and also because, quite frankly, it’s never too soon to stop doing something daft.

I’m sure some of you, especially those who may been subjected to corporate ‘leadership training’ a decade or so ago, will be familiar with the ‘Gordon the Guided Missile’ speech by John Cleese, (I think it’s proper title is the ‘Importance of Making Mistakes’ if you want to go looking for it in YouTube)

As much as I love all things Python, I won’t repeat it all here – but instead, summarise … just like a guided missile enroute to its target, you need to check and adjust regularly, correcting those frequent small deviations, or ‘mistakes’ along the way.

What this means to you and I, is that by making those small corrections as you go, you’ll lose hardly any momentum at all … and you’ll also find that those regular reviews don’t allow you to develop the same emotional attachment as you would to something you’ve had on the go for 6 months … where the thought of making wholesale changes might cause you to give up altogether.

So, take some time over the next day or so to ‘tot up’ where you are with your year so far, make any adjustments you need to make with things that aren’t going so well … and, of course, make provision to do lots more of those things that are bringing the greatest rewards…

Until Next Time,


Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe