To Upsell, Or Not To Upsell, That Is The Question…

 photo TimForFreeInfo_zpsb648080a.jpgIt seems to be the agreed wisdom in the ‘make money online’ community that the best time to sell to your customers is “when you’ve just sold them something and they’ve already got their credit card in their hand”. This, on the face of it, seems to make perfect sense … but if you get it even the tiniest bit wrong, you can do the complete opposite and really, really annoy the exact same people you are trying to build a relationship with…

So what, then, are the golden rules when ‘upselling’ to a customer who’s just bought something … and how do you really make the most of this opportunity…?

Well, the number one word here is congruency. If your customer has just bought a manual on SEO, don’t offer them an ‘extra’ of a Forex system (no matter how good it might be). Those that get the best results when ‘upselling’ offer something that will make what was explained, shown or instructed in the original purchase happen more quickly and easily. For instance, in the case of the SEO manual I just mentioned, a good upsell would be a series of videos taking you step by step through the instructions given in the manual, or even (though this might be more ‘backend’ than ‘upsell’) offer an outsourcing service that will do all the SEO for them instead.

Once you’ve got the right thing to offer, you need then to offer it in the right way … I’m sure you’ll agree that ‘what you’ve got will solve your problem, but you can solve it more quickly and easily by using this as well’ works better than the ‘What you’ve just bought, actually doesn’t work that well, but if you buy all this stuff as well … you’ll actually be getting what you wanted in the first place’ approach so beloved of so many of our contemporaries who sell on Clickbank. (You might make plenty of sales using the second technique but you certainly won’t end up with too many customers).

And a quick word about endless exit pop-ups … When it comes to getting that extra ‘downsell’ or squeezing the email address out of anyone who visits your site, I know our American cousins swear by them. However, I’m also sure there is a considerable amount of time spent swearing at them, and by using them you might put yourself in the same bracket as the pushy double glazing salesmen who sticks his foot in the door.

There is of course the question of why to offer an upsell at all – if the ‘extras’ make it faster and easier, why not put it all in the product in the first place…? Well, in the example of the SEO manual above, the extra cost attached to making the videos may price the product out of the reach of some of your potential customers … for the sake of something that, if you’ve done a good enough job with the manual, will be far from essential for most of them.

So, like most things, if done correctly and with common sense, upselling can give your customers that little extra ‘something’ they might need … and you some extra revenue, but used inappropriately or in a cynical attempt to squeeze every last penny out of your customers, will be damaging and ultimately affect the longevity of your relationship with your most valuable asset.

Until Next Time,
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe