Why I want you to sit back and do nothing in 2018…

Well, it seems Christmas is nearly upon us – so before I release the ‘Minions’ and then return to Lowe Towers to supervise the last of the Christmas preparations, I thought I’d just give you a bit of a ‘heads up’ as to some of the projects I have planned for 2018.

As you’ve probably noticed, this year my various projects have followed a theme … with 2017 being very much the year of ‘trading’. You’ll find 2018 will be no different and also have various projects with a theme running through them.

While these projects will be quite diverse (and I’ll have the pleasure of introducing you to one or two very ‘different’ characters along the way) the one thing they will have in common is that they will involve little or no effort on your part for you to make some real ‘game changing’ money from them.

I knew you’d like that bit – in fact, I know you’re going to be every bit as excited as all of us at HQ have been over the last 6-8 months as we’ve been watching the results of research and testing bearing some very profitable fruit indeed.

So, with all of this lined up for 2018, I know you won’t want to miss out by being at the back of the queue.

The first people invited to get involved with these projects will do so by post. Some might think it’s a bit ‘old fashioned’ to do things this way but I’ve always found that people who respond to a letter are that bit more ‘serious’ about what they are doing, and tend to get the best results from what I hand them.

If you don’t already receive these notifications in the post (or you think I might have an old address) – you can remedy that immediately and make sure you don’t get left behind.

Simply click on the link below add your details and I’ll make sure you’re among the first to hear about these fantastic new projects.


That’s all for now, and all for 2017 … so let me close now by wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year … and I’ll be in touch again soon…

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe