Well, That Was Embarrassing…

Last Sunday, there was some sort of ‘seasonal fair’ type effort going on in the country hotel which also houses my gym. I wasn’t really interested enough to notice whether it was to do with Christmas or Weddings, but it did seem to involve lots of poor chaps being marched toward the building by their nearest and dearest with distinctly resigned looks on their faces.

It also involved the car park being completely full, so I was redirected to the ‘overflow’ parking in an adjacent field by some chap wearing one of those yellow vests.

I won’t bore you with the details of the workout, because the important thing here was that while my personal trainer was putting me through my paces … it continued to rain, and rain, and rain…

When I emerged from the gym an hour or so later, energized but slightly tender … I really could not believe what I was seeing… the downpour had turned the field in which I had parked into something that could be described optimistically as ‘a bit spongy’ … but  much more realistically as a paddy field.

The first escapees from the ‘fair’ had already tried to leave , and they had got, at best, ten yards across the field before becoming thoroughly bogged down and were in the process of being pulled out by a mildly amused looking chap driving something that looked like (but may not have been ) a tractor.

Now I wouldn’t go as far as to use the word smug, but it was with no small amount of confidence that I got into my driver’s seat, thinking ‘ I’ve got a Range Rover this will be no problem … I’ll just pop onto the grass verge, go round all that lot, and be on my way…’

Before you paint me as some sort of villain, I should point out that I would normally have stopped and help pull a few people out myself, as I always do when snow seems to bring normal life to a standstill around Lowe Towers, but this particular Sunday, ‘She Who Must…’ was putting together one of her special Sunday Lunches … and it would be extremely unwise to be late.

So off I went … but before you could say ‘what can possibly go wrong’ it became apparent I had chosen an even boggier route, and was, like everybody else, completely stuck.

I was not expecting much in the way of sympathy … especially from the chap with the tractor who now tried to pull me out, (nearly getting himself stuck in the process) or from the procession of people going past either smirking, pointing, laughing or a combination of all three at my predicament.

I just sat there, looking distinctly sheepish, aware that I had committed the nearly impossible, almost unforgivable sin of getting bogged down in a Range Rover…

Of course I phoned ‘She Who Must…’ expecting a few harsh words about my timekeeping, but she saw the funny side and instead contacted as many of my friends as she could … and instructed them to phone me, just to ask me where I was … one of them laughed for nearly a minute…

So, I think, the point I should be making here is one about over confidence, and thinking you are indestructible (or unsinkable) when you most certainly are not.

Past successes do not always guarantee you future success, especially if you take your eye off the ball and start thinking this is all bit easy, or treating the people who were instrumental in your success, or even worse, your customers, with disdain … it can all go very sour very quickly and the effects on your online reputation can be not only be disastrous in the short term, but take a very long time to repair … and considerably more serious than sitting looking embarrassed as your shiny Range Rover slowly sinks into the English countryside.

Until Next Time,

Tim Sig

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe