What makes the ‘perfect’ system…?

The other day, here at HQ, we were discussing what would make up all of the key elements of the ‘perfect’ system … and if we had to draw up a checklist of things to look for – one that could easily be used by somebody else –what would be on it?

Well, the first thing we came up with was that as soon as you made the decision to buy, you could get started straight way while you were all ‘fired up’, with no waiting a week for a manual to arrive in the post, so you could use momentum and the enthusiasm you had at that moment to get things off to a really good start…

Secondly, we’d look for top drawer training from an expert in whatever field the system operated, ideally face to face with the chap or chapess behind it themselves – this way you know you’re getting the ‘real deal’ and not something that some chancer has copied and is passing off as their own.

Next, we’d want that training backed up with top notch resources and support network. There’s no way you’ll remember everything from the face to face training, so you’ll need to refresh your memory … so we’re looking at maybe online manuals but definitely plenty of training videos, and some sort of helpdesk where you can raise any issues.

After that we’d want guidance through the first steps, ideally copying exactly what our mentor did to start off with, and for them to provide some sort of safety net so that even if things didn’t quite go to plan, it wouldn’t damage our confidence or financial position.

In general, we’d want a system that could be taught from scratch, so as long as we actually knew how to use our computers properly, we could learn step by step without any major academic leaps.

We’d also like not to be tied down to a specific location, after all there is no point in earning lots of cash if you can’t go out and enjoy it – so something that worked wherever there was an internet connection would do nicely, thank you.

Another key aspect is that it’s something we could do without giving up what we did now. There’s no use learning how to pocket £1k a month if you have to give up a £40k a year job to be able to get it done – so something that works in the evenings, weekends or by creeping out for a few minutes during your lunch or break times.

To top it all off, and if we’re being really picky, ideally there would be a handy little bonus –something to run alongside the main system , that could pocket us something, if not from day one, pretty soon after.

Lastly we’d need it to offer real value … and by that I don’t necessarily mean ‘cheap’. There are plenty of things around that promise you the world for tuppence but ultimately don’t work at all – so if you want all of the resources to work and the support to be done by real human beings who know what they are on about, beware of rock bottom prices.

So, there you have it  – our checklist of the perfect system – if there’s anything you think needs adding to the list, please hit the reply button and let us know…

All The Best,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe