What To Do When Your Life Is Made Up Of More Than 140 Characters

I have just returned from a particularly fine break with ‘She Who Must…’ pottering around on the Queen Mary. All the things I look for in a cruise were quite literally well catered for, and it also allowed me to engage in my favourite hobby of observing and marvelling at the eccentricities of others…

These included an especially posh lady who had her own special way with members of the crew “I’d like a sandwich … A SANDWICH – do you understand?” or “I asked for Mint Sauce … THIS is just vinegar with green stuff in it” and my personal favourite “My hair is getting messed up … tell the Captain he is going TOO FAST”

Her fellow guests were not excused either … most particularly when she got up from her seat, descended on two chaps on the next table with a very loud ‘Do I KNOW you’ and when faced with nervous headshakes and stuttered denials, simply muttered ‘Oh’ and returned to her meal without a single word of explanation.

Of course I simply adore this kind of behaviour, and if I was a ‘tweeting’ person perhaps I would have kept a running commentary on what was going on … ‘tweeting’ regular updates for things like ‘Just seen one of the country’s top bankers stand up, and it seems his back is every bit as turbulent as mine’ may be fine for some – it isn’t really ‘me’ at all…

Although I may come back and write about it afterwards, I am very conscious of the fact that my lifestyle gives me the opportunity to experience things that many others would love to experience … and I don’t think I would be doing that opportunity justice by repeatedly reporting on my own life in real time instead of soaking up everything that experience has to offer.

Not only that, given some recent very high profile incidents of how much can go wrong with an ill advised tweet, and given my track record with upsetting people who are a) needlessly aloof, b) terminally half witted and c) American (three categories which seem to make up a good deal of the people on Twitter) I have for a long time decided only to tweet when I am updating my blog…

You see, whilst the 140 character limit may be about right for getting your point across it does not allow you to put that point in any kind of context … which can lead to the kind of misinterpretations that can be extremely damaging both financially and in the long term relationship with your customers.

However, even if like me, Twitter is not a perfect fit for you personally … for some business projects it can be considerably more useful. I know I am sometimes accused of underestimating the power of Twitter, but the reality is that I believe in using it only where it is the most appropriate way to communicate.

To illustrate this point further, my ‘Minions’ have put together a short video showing you the benefits of a great little tool we’ve been using for quite a while to build up a Twitter following on some other projects … it works mostly on autopilot, doing all the following and un-following for you, leaving you free to just do the tweets – and you can even schedule those in advance if you want … click here to watch the video

All The Best,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe