When It Pays To Be Your Own Best Customer

I’m afraid I’m not a big fan of shopping … (traditionally,
I used to get roped in to act as ‘pack horse’ but now I have managed to perfect
the art of dropping ‘She Who Must…’ off and then retiring to a safe distance
until the whole sorry business has run its course …) 😉 but on the other hand,
I’ve always considered myself to be a really good customer …

Let me explain further…

You see, I really can’t recall a shopping trip with ‘She Who Must…’ which has
involved us both being interested in buying the same thing at the same time …
even when we are both somewhere which harbours a common interest, such as a
bookshop, (or possibly wine merchants) 😉 we will often be found perusing
entirely different shelves … and when confined (for hours it seems) in one
emporium or another, whilst ‘She Who Must…’ tries on what appears to be a
million dresses or endless pairs of shoes, I’m afraid I very quickly lose the
will to live…

Of course, this feeling is not just restricted to the male of the species. It
was for that reason that one of my suggestions to ‘Bruce the Cloth’ (‘approved’
adjuster of the Lowe apparel and all round top bloke …) was for him to invest
in a lounge area at his gentleman’s outfitters so the ladies could have
somewhere to relax and relieve the boredom while their other halves were being
measured up for one of Bruce’s creations…

You’ll agree then that I’m obviously no fan of shopping … so what on earth do
I know about being a good customer?

Well, as you no doubt know, I originally started my online career as a customer,
when I attended an Andrew Reynolds workshop a decade ago. He subsequently
became friend and mentor of course, but to start with I was his customer …
and what’s more, if you ask any successful marketer, they will all have
a similar story … about how ‘it all started’ or that ‘it all really took off’
or ‘it all really changed’ after they bought ‘so and so’s’ stuff…

The reason for this is, like most things in life, the business of making money
online is also a process of constant learning. Things change all the time in
any business, and this is doubly true in the case of the internet (for example
… if you were still adopting some of the methods being taught perfectly
legitimately by some ‘gurus’ in 2007, you would not only be getting zero results,
you’d also be on the receiving end of a very firm ‘slapping’ from Google).

This is why I am usually reading, watching or participating in something that
will further my education (even if some of it’s sometimes been a bit
‘leftfield’ ) and increase my knowledge … (then I had a good example to
follow … my mentor Andrew always spends at least an hour every single day
improving his business education…)

Now, I’m not suggesting that you immediately go out and sell everything you own
and spend it on internet training (not even from me) 😉 I am suggesting that
you could do a lot worse than investing as much time and money as you are able
to afford into improving your knowledge….


Successful marketers know that improving their knowledge, and keeping current
with new areas will increase both their chances and their level of success
online, (and of course all of the personal and financial reward associated with

This is why it is no coincidence that the world’s most successful marketers are also this industry’s very best customers…

Until next time,


Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business
Lowe Down

Tim Lowe