When It’s Time To Turn It Up To ’11’…

When I’m in a slightly mischievous mood, I have been known to spend the time it takes my computer to warm up in the morning to go wandering round HQ and ‘prodding’ various Minions (usually waiting until they’re right in the middle of something else) and asking them awkward questions I already know the answer to…;-)

Regular readers will be aware that I do this almost entirely in jest, and I do tend to ‘play up’ the whole ‘Evil Boss’ thing here at HQ for mutual amusement (to the point where it was suggested that a planned trip to see Despicable Me 2 should be treated as  a training exercise…);-)

Of course, I do run a business here so it’s not always like that; the amount of hard work (doing the right things, naturally) that goes into getting the kind of results we consistently achieve here would make more than a few eyes water (and has sent others running for the hills), which is something I make no apology for…

So as well as doing a lot of work we also have a lot of fun, two seemingly contradictory ideas … but it obviously works.

It’s not something that can be summed up by using a throwaway phrase like ‘work hard and play hard’ because it’s more than just a case of swinging between extremes, about being one thing OR the other – it’s about maintaining a consistent level intensity, where everything is turned up to the maximum, regardless of what you are doing…

…and it could easily be argued the difference between perceived success and failure could be down to the level of that intensity.

Without that level of intensity, you could be doing plenty of things right, certainly enough to go on to much bigger things, but despite that you could easily end up plugging away, offering 50 quid CD-Roms to the same few hundred people forever and never earning much more than you would in a job.

Of course, not everybody can turn up the intensity of what they are doing just like that, and nor should they – for instance nearly anybody trading successfully in Forex or on Betfair with a £1,000 bank would get the jitters if they suddenly had to do exactly the same thing with £10,000, and you would have to be extremely sure of yourself to find something that was converting at 5% with a small advertising budget, and then just throwing the kitchen sink at it.

Everybody is capable of the level of intensity it takes to do really well online, some have it ‘on tap’, and some have to build up to it in a series of steps, and in some cases be helped up the steeper steps by those that have been there before … so if you think you are doing ‘everything’ right, you may well be correct, but just not thinking big enough –  and it could be as simple as taking what you have and gradually turning up the volume…

Until Next Time,
Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe