Why ‘Black Friday’ And ‘Cyber Monday’ Are Not Just For Christmas…

I read the other day that people in general have a tendency to overestimate the chances of very unlikely things happening, like a lottery win, plane crash or being hit by a meteorite but in comparison massively underestimate the chances of more everyday occurrences such as being involved in a car accident.

This is because we tend to downplay the risks involved in things we are familiar with – just because we do them everyday … whereas, when something that is perceived as new and different comes along, we will quite happily believe almost any old nonsense about it because we lack that same familiarity.

For instance, if you went back ten years and asked about buying Xmas presents online, you would probably be greeted with sharp intakes of breath, mutterings about scams and credit card fraud whilst they battled the crush at the shops, then sat in traffic for half an hour just to get out of the car park (provided they could find a space in the first place).

Jump forward to this year and early indicators are that, so far at least, as many people have bought online as have physically been to the shops for their presents (and this includes the millions spent on ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’) which I’m sure you’ll agree is a massive change in peoples shopping habits, brought about mainly by a gradual change in attitude that online shopping is now safe to do.

Why is this? well, as more people, either through choice or necessity found that when they bought something online it usually arrived with a minimum of fuss, and their bank account details did not magically appear in the public domain for all to exploit … meaning that the tales of getting a really good bargain online eventually outnumbered the horror stories, until online shopping has become a normal, everyday thing it is to do.

I’m sure you encountered similar waves of negativity when you first decided to start making money online, that everybody you encountered had a horror story to tell you, and that “you’ll never make any money doing that” … but the fact of the matter is that a larger and larger part of the population are now making a either a full or part time income working from home and using the internet.

Of course there’s the ‘Direct Marketing’ aspect to making money online … the current problem is that those who will try and talk you out of your online ambitions (for your own good, naturally) think that is all there is…

Not counting the people who trade online whether it be stocks, Forex or sports trading, there are also those that make a healthy income from the advertising on their website or blog – not actually selling anything at all – just reaping the benefits of providing something that others what to view … something that many TV channels have been doing for half a century.

It might be worth keeping in the back of your mind then, that while we are currently very much in the minority, those who are making a living online are on the increase, and in just a few years from now opening the laptop and starting work will probably be just as common as getting in the car and going to the office, (only much, much more desirable).

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

P.S. There’s another way people are making money online that I hadn’t mentioned – I think mostly because my Minion covered it so well on this piece here: http://www.timsminions.com/931/buy-and-sell-website/# 

Tim Lowe