Why The Secret Of Grandma’s Roasting Tin Could Hold The Key To Your Success

This week something occurred that reminded me of an old story which perfectly sums
up what can easily happen if we just keep doing things the way we’ve ‘always’
done them and is equally true for life in general as it is for any of your
online endeavours…

There are plenty of versions of this tale, but the one I prefer goes like

A newly married man sees his wife trimming off the last few inches of a large
joint of meat before she puts it in a baking tray for their Sunday Roast.

Having never seen this before, he assumes that it is some sort of secret technique
for ensuring the meat is done to perfection, however after a few weeks,
curiosity gets the better of him and he asks his wife why she does this.

She explains that this is how her mother always roasted meat, hadn’t got a clue
why she did it but there ‘had’ to be a good reason for doing it…

A few weeks later the couple are having Sunday lunch with the wife’s parents
and he asks his mother-in-law why she always cut the end off of the meat before
putting it in the roasting tin. She tells him that she does it because she
remembers seeing her
mother do it, although she didn’t know why … but knew there ‘had’ to be a
reason for it.

It is not until the family meet up at Christmas that he finally gets the chance
to ask his wife’s Grandmother why she cut the end off of the joint, and why was
that the secret to making the perfect roast..?

His wife’s grandmother simply replied that, her husband always seemed to bring
home a piece of meat that was too big for her roasting dish so she always had
to cut the end off so it would fit in the oven…;-)

Urban myth or not, it brings home the fact that so often we do things just
because we have ‘always done it that way’ and there ‘had’ to be a good reason
for doing it … even if we can’t quite put our finger on what that is…

We often don’t stop to think about why we do things and ask ourselves if this
is the best way. Often we find it used
to be the best way … but things have moved on a bit and it has never occurred
to question what we are doing.

I constantly review and re-jig what goes on here (you’d certainly agree if I
was still using the same tools and methods I did when I started a decade ago
I’d be in what is referred to by some as ‘all sorts of bother’) and find,
almost without exception, that the ‘new’ way not only works better but more is
more adaptable and able to accommodate further change…

We should always regularly question everything that you do and ask if this is
the best way in the current circumstances and with the resources you have at
your disposal. If you are unsure which way to go experiment with different
ideas and see if what you are doing is still the best answer … and if it
isn’t – don’t be afraid to change it….

Until Next Time,


Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business
Lowe Down

Tim Lowe