Yes, I’m Going To Use The ‘P’ Word…

Boxing Day may only just be behind us, but I am willing to wager we all know someone who has already bought next year’s Christmas Cards in the sales, and possibly one or two presents as well. They will also be the ones asking in a particularly smug manner in August how our Christmas plans are going so they can announce they have ‘just wrapped up their final present’ and that they are ‘all ready’

Of course, it’s only natural to wish that this type person would suffer some sort of minor misfortune – preferably laryngitis so they can’t go on about how annoyingly prepared they are – but are we all, deep down, slightly envious of their planning and discipline..?

Don’t worry, today’s exercise is not to go out and do our Christmas shopping for next year… but what I am going to suggest is that we all take a moment and start flexing our planning muscles regarding the year directly in front of us.

I’m not just talking about goal setting … which, of course, can be important – but only if you have a plan to achieve it. Simply writing down ‘I will be a Millionaire by November 1st’simply won’t do. Overnight success can and does happen, but it can’t be your entire strategy.

If you are planning on starting a website or business this coming year, you need to be very clear about what will make it different from all the others and what will justify its position among its competitors?

Just creating a website or online business simply because you have a need to make money is not a strategy. You need to offer something different that only you can give your visitors, whether it be a specialised product or service, or a offer a more generic one but with an unmatched level of quality, service or after care.

There are, of course, those reading this who are thinking ‘Fair enough, Tim, but I’m actually on your subscriber list because you’re going to show me things that will make money – how can I plan for that?’

Well, you can start now by looking at ways you can make time to use the right system when it comes along. It doesn’t matter if a system takes only a few hours or even a few minutes – if your day is already chock full of things to do and you have ‘no time’ to do anything extra … then obviously you will struggle to operate even the easiest of systems and end up doing things in a rush … or not read the instructions properly (or at all) and get it badly wrong.

Also, there is the question of funds. Even if the system you come across is free to use, you will undoubtedly have start-up costs, or more usually these days a trading bank to fund.

You’ll agree, that all of the genuine systems and methods you have encountered previously have taken some sort of investment in either time or money (but usually both) to get any sort of traction going. Therefore, you would also agree that anything you are likely to see this year, from any source, won’t be too different.

To be ready for the right system when it comes along can be half the battle, and that’s where the planning and preparation you can do right now comes in … otherwise, you might be taken by surprise by the perfect system for you, and trying to make a success of anything from a position of near panic is always an uphill struggle.

I’ll be in contact again next week, but for now I would like to wish you a Very Happy New Year…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe