“You’re not our only client with over £200,000 in cars and no screwdriver….”

Over at Lowe Towers, I’m currently having a new garage built – partly for the obvious reason – but mainly, it seems, to follow in the great British tradition of having somewhere to put all of the various amounts of ‘junk’ we have acquired over the last few years.

With this in mind, the new garage has a rather large ‘loft’ type area and has undergone a few design changes as I’ve decided I wanted this or that feature added as things have gone along.

This means that the builders have been there a few weeks and over that time I’ve built up quite a nice rapport with all of them, but especially with Ken the chap in charge (I even ‘ejected’ an over-officious half wit with a clipboard  that was simply getting in their way.)

Anyway, at the weekend there was some sort of minor DIY task required, a loose cable needed re-securing or something similar and so I blew the dust off of my old electric screwdriver to do this ‘5 minute job’ and found the battery was flat and completely beyond help.

Plan B was to use the driver function on my drill instead (again, after blowing off no small amount of dust) and promptly found that, as my drill was from the late 20th century – it was just too bulky to get it anywhere near the bit that need re-attaching.

So, when Monday came around and the builders re-appeared, I of course asked them to add this little extra job to their list of things to do. There was much in the way of mild amusement culminating in Ken sighing and telling me not to worry as I wasn’t their “only client with over £200,000 in cars and no screwdriver….”

The point here of course is that you’re never going to be good at, have the knowledge for, or even possess the tools to do absolutely everything you need to do … and that will be true regardless of who you are.

Of course some will have more resources than others – but nobody will have all of the resources to just ‘make things happen’ immediately – so you should never  be too frustrated if things don’t happen straight away.

Evidently, an awful lot of people do get an awful lot of things done,  so clearly not having access to everything straight away is not a complete ‘deal breaker’.

There are plenty of ways around this, ranging from as simple as just paying somebody to do it for you, to the intricacies of forming a ‘co-op’ with other individuals and you pool your collective skills and resources  to get each other’s projects done, or more usually collaborate on one larger project.

So, if you’re a bit stuck – don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This means that there are others out there, fully equipped with skills or resources you might lack, but who in turn have reached a roadblock in their efforts you could probably help them with … and with the massive amount of social media outlets we now have to find these people – the solution to whatever is currently is holding you up is probably closer than you think.

Until next time,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe