If You’re Paying For Your Traffic, You Need To Read This…

A couple of months ago, you may remember I told you about an office debate regarding the virtues of SEO versus just buying your traffic, and found that in a majority of cases, you would be better off spending the time you might spend on all but the most basic SEO working in the pub and then spend the resultant wages on buying traffic.

Of course, this got the old grey cells going, and I tasked a couple of my ‘Minions’ (I’m not being harsh – my in-house team decided to call themselves this, which, if you know the film ‘Despicable Me’, is actually a joke at my expense) with coming up with some pointers so you get the most from every click you pay for.

I told them not to re-cover old ground by reminding you about targeting – there’s enough said about that already – what I wanted were things we can do after we’ve actually got that click…

In an effort to look intelligent, they came up with quite a few, which I will have them put down in detail during the coming weeks over on the Tims Minions site (and obviously I’ll link to them from here when they have) but in an effort to keep this to a reasonably bitesize and actionable length, I’ll just go over a couple here…

Firstly, make sure that where the click takes them is exactly where they need to be. If the link they clicked was ‘Three ways to remove cat hair from your sofa’ make sure it takes them to that particular article on your site, and not just to the homepage of your website about cats – this may seem obvious but we couldn’t believe how many people are making this one simple error.

Secondly, give your visitor plenty of reasons not to hit the back button. It is a sad fact that regardless how good your copy or call to action, the majority of visitors won’t actually do what you want them to when they land on your page.

So, rather than leave your site entirely, give them options that take them to other pages that give you another bite of the cherry … for instance a list of other articles at the bottom of the page that will keep them on your site and reinforce the idea that they need your service or really, really ought to subscribe to your newsletter.

Thirdly, and this one made me raise an eyebrow and I required the Minion in question, to ‘explain himself’ was the option of actually having other peoples advertising on the page. Obviously not where it will distract them from buying, joining your list or whatever else it was you wanted them to do, but ‘below the fold’ or right at the bottom of the page, places they are likely to scroll down to just before they are about to leave your site.

So, in conclusion, if you’re paying for your clicks … don’t waste them. If the page converts your visitor into a buyer or a subscriber, all well and good – but remember more than half of the time it won’t, so you need to give your users another alternative rather than to use the back button, giving you more chances to get your message across .. and if all else fails, try and monetise that last, exit click.

All The Best,

Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe